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Termite Control


A pre-construction termite control can protect your home!

While most of you may think that termites can only be treated once your home is infested by it, it isn't true. With our innovative technology and expertise, termite control methods can be implemented during the construction of your home, protecting it from any possible termite infestation.

It is not easy to detect a termite attack before a lot of damage is done. Termites build mud channels to provide themselves with darkness and higher humidity which they require to survive. When you notice such marks on your walls it is an indication that your place is under attack by termites and you need a termite treatment plan in place.

Termites cause $22 billion in structural damage annually around the world.

Termites, also commonly known as white ants, destroy valuable property, documents, furniture.

• Termites destroy paper, books and even currency notes.. anything that contains cellulose, silently and swiftly, before you even become aware of the damage done.

• Termites infest and breed underground, in the soil. Due to this, your home measures can only tackle the ones you see.

• The termite colonies are usually found in multiples. If you have detected and treated them at one place, chances are that they have long before attacked another site already.

Hicare offers both Post-construction and Pre-construction Termite Treatment - TERMIN-8.

We use the latest DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique to form a completely undetectable chemical barrier for effective termite control.

We also treat infested woodwork with chemicals to kill termites and protect it from further attacks.

Our termite treatment kills foraging termites unlike regular pest control which merely repels them.

A single egg of a termite can manifest into a colony again in no time. Hence, you need Hicare's total termite control.

• Our highly effective termite treatment is used in all developed countries.

• It is quick, non-messy and completely safe.

• It provides immediate and long-lasting protection.

• The cost is way less than the damage termites will cause you.

• Our termite treatment presents almost no exposure risk to humans and pets.

Service Types


Annual Maintenance Contract (1year warranty)

Hicare offers this contract for a part of the building.

This service is provided for the entire building or structure where all the sides are accessible for the treatment at ground level from outside.


This contract comes with a 5-year warranty for the entire building or structure.

A termite barrier system shall deter concealed entry to the building by termites

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